Nick John Rees -Marine Artist

Nick John Rees

Through his friendship Nick was encouraged by Sir Kyffin Williams to paint professionally and have subsequently enjoyed doing so for over 20 years. Over lunch in his local he counselled him to ‘paint what he loves & that passion would come through in his work’, he said for him it was of course the mountains of North Wales. Returning home, Nick pondered this excellent advice & decided to focus upon his life-long love of the sea.

Nick translates the power & emotion of the sea in a way that allows people to find their own interpretation of the mood & movement of the water. Whenever possible he enjoys painting en plein air to fully absorb the atmosphere & spirit of the scene before returning to his studio to complete the work. Nick is certainly a master at using palette knives and produces the most amazing texture in his work.
For more information about Nick his work and Exhibitions, visit his webpage.
Nick has two solo exhibitions planned in 2024 both at the Penarth Pier Pavilion, the Esplanade , Penarth.
1st - 31st May
1st to 30th Sept.

Blue boat Freshwater East Pembs
Blue boat Freshwater East Pembs

Sunrise Little Haven
Sunrise Little Haven
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