Andrew Coslett

I am Penarth born and raised and have worked in the graphic and printing industry for over forty years. Since 2008 I have devoted my time to fine art, working in watercolour, I now teach and demonstrate in this beautiful medium. My inspiration has developed from a love of Penarth, my home town, its history and people, and also a strong sense of my Welsh heritage.

I have rekindled my love of drawing and sketching, this skill is fundamental in all mediums, and is one I am very interested in encouraging at my classes, workshops and demonstrations. There is something very rewarding in using simple basic tools and materials to produce pleasing artwork. I also enjoy painting in Acrylic, Acrylic Inks, Pastel, Oil and Mixed Media and experimenting with new and innovative materials and processes.

I feel it is important, as an artist to keep constantly looking forward whilst building on past experiences and skills. At the moment I have been trialling the use of Acrylic Inks and Watercolour on Yupo paper which is synthetic plastic paper, very different effects can be achieved and the results can be unexpected! I feel very fortunate to have my background in the print and graphic trade that I have, which has no doubt helped me to develop as a fine artist, with many aspects such as colour theory, design, composition, and and ability to appreciate the finer features in the presentation of my work. I run the Penarth Athletic Club Art Class which meets for two sessions every Tuesday, at Lavernock Road.

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